The Ignition Series


Ignite the Spark

Begins January 12

Ignite Online

Begins January 20

Relax into Success

Begins February 17

Alumni Program

Beings February 25

heartspark Connections

December 2


Time to Reinvent Your Life?

Achieve the unimaginable by discovering your success patterns.

Are you ready to reach higher levels in your career?

Are you interested in energizing key employees or developing their creativity and leadership potential?

Do you dream of starting your own business but are afraid to take the plunge? Or wish to grow your small business into something much larger?

Is graduation, an empty nest or retirement quickly approaching while you're unsure about which direction to turn next?

Are you feeling restless or lacking purpose? Missing enthusiasm for what you are doing?

Regardless of where you are today, with heartspark you can: Start here. Go anywhere!


When your focus is missing or your passion has fizzled, you've lost that "spark" that propels you forward and closer to reaching your goals. With over 15 years of experience leading people to life-changing results, the Ignition series promises to give you the clarity and empowerment you need to focus on and achieve whatever you truly want.

Ignition is an inspiring workshop series that teaches happiness as a strategic advantage. Simply put, we demonstrate the art and science of thriving through professional development coaching in a small group setting. With Ignition, anyone ready to take a big leap can start here and go anywhere. Even if your passion isn’t clear, you’ll find it here.

When you're ready to escape that rut, take on an entirely new challenge, or simply renew, recharge and reengage Ignition offers everything you need. The first step, Ignite the Spark, is a four-day hands-on workshop that will help you discover your intrinsic patterns of success to immediately experience positive impact in your life and work. From there, Relax into Success takes everything you've learned about what makes you uniquely the best at what you do to a whole new level. Then the Alumni Connection helps refresh, sustain and grow your success and connections.

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