Susan Clark

susan clark

Susan Clark, heartspark’s founder and principal facilitator

Susan Clark has been living, breathing and teaching positive psychology for nearly 20 years – long before it was acknowledged as a legitimate field of study. Through the one-of-a-kind classes she’s developed at heartspark, Susan has inspired countless clients to uncover their natural patterns of success and achieve their utmost goals and dreams.

An inspiring and authentic facilitator, Susan creates a trusting environment that leads to break-through changes in attitudes and behavior for her clients. In this environment, fresh perspectives translate into clearer choices – and goals once thought to be impossible are easily achieved. To her, there’s no greater thrill than to hear another success story from one of the thousands of people she has trained over the years – over 50% of whom she still keeps in touch with today.

Susan is a charter affiliate member of the International Positive Psychology Association. Her reputation for finding the positive in situations and people led to a profile in “Spark, Ten Secrets to Living a Life You Love,” by Doug Mendenhall.

Combining her experience as a Risk Manager and Director of Corporate Culture, with degrees in Business and Psychology, Susan feeds the spirit as well as the bottom line with a rich understanding of human behavior and real-world management experience.

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