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heartspark AdventuresCome to a heartspark Adventure to meet and connect with the heartspark community while engaging in something active and fun.

heartspark Adventures are brought to you in partnership with Carrie Tarbell. Carrie’s reason for being is to provide joy and full life living to others through playful exploration, grounding moments and loving logic.

We’ve pedaled a Brewcycle through downtown Portland in search of beer and pizza, hiked through Forest Park while doing yoga, and scaled mountains by indoor rock climbing. Check out all of those and more in our blog archives. Whatever it is, it’s always fun and you are invited to join us.

Come to be active. Come to try something new. Most importantly, come to laugh and connect with the heartspark community!

A Badass Night with Jen Sincero

Monday, January 7th, 7:30-9PM

It’s a Monday. Another start to another week. You need some inspiration. You want this year to be different…to be great…to be your best self, living your dream. We have just the ticket! Jen Sincero is coming to Portland to share her newest book and remind you that “You are a badass every day: How to keep your motivation strong, your vibe high and your quest for transformation unstoppable.”

Join us for this heartspark Adventure where we will be attending Jen’s reading at Powell’s City of Books and then walking to a nearby venue (TBD) to toast each other to the start of a “badass” year. Let’s connect, share the sparks of inspiration we heard and start the new year with good vibrations!

Jen Sincero