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Even the most cynical of cynics can’t deny that heartspark  is igniting success every day.

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Are you feeling dissatisfied with your career, experiencing a mid-life quest for identity or struggling with persistent restlessness because you know there’s “something more”? Are you managing team members who either lack motivation and are disengaged or are star employees who deserve special attention? We invite you to discover how fast and easy it is to experience the results you desire with heartspark’s time-tested blueprint. Our approach is scientifically-proven to boost you or your employees to new heights.  SOMETIMES ALL IT TAKES IS A SPARK! 

“If you asked the manager who sponsored me to take the Ignition series, she’d say she watched an already high performer go even higher.”

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“My boss joked that I would discover my true passion and quit, however the reality was that it reinvigorated my passion for what I already do.”

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“I could hardly believe that after 10 years out of the paid workforce, choosing to stay at home with my sons, my career trajectory didn’t miss a beat.”

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