A Badass Evening with Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero

It was the first Monday of the New Year and we were in search for inspiration. Lucky for us, Jen Sincero was in Portland to promote her latest book and remind us all that “You are a Badass Every Day: How to keep your motivation strong, your vibe high and your quest for transformation unstoppable.”

Our amazing heartspark community made up 29 of the over 200 people in the standing-room-only crowd at Powell’s book store and many of us continued the evening’s enjoyment over at Henry’s Tavern where we compared notes on Sincero’s three main take-aways. So fun!

For those of you who missed it, this was her homework assignment for us all:

  1. Remember, you have a choice in every moment. Choose your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
  2. Live as though you’re going to die tomorrow.
  3. To shift your energy, meditate and focus on the positive.

Cheers to all the badass women and men who joined us! Thanks again for a great evening