About heartspark

With heartspark, you’ll discover that…

  • You have everything you need to succeed in ways you never thought possible. And your success is our success – literally. We measure how well we’re doing by how successful you become as a result of working with us.
  • You’re already a part of a movement – a curious, joyous revolution where we all make our individual lives exceptional – and collectively change the world. So, it is with enormous expectation and enthusiasm when we say, “Start here. Go anywhere!”

Susan Clark

the heart behind the spark

I am so fortunate to work with rock stars. Seriously, you’ve never met a more effective, committed and fun team of professionals. Introducing…

Diane Fuhrmeister

VA extraordinaire

From Spark Notes to calling cards, to social media to payment plans. Diane is behind everything you appreciate about heartspark.

Katie Hill

web wizard

Do you like this website? We do too. Thanks to Katie and her wizardry it keeps getting even better every day.

Machele Brass

Machele Brass

designer of delights

heartspark's look and feel online, in print and in your inbox are thanks to Machele's artistic eye and creative genius.