heartspark in your pocket (HIP)

Are you ready to tap into the art & science of thriving again?  Our heartspark in your pocket (aka HIP) class is a new experience that I’d love to share with you. In it, heartspark alumni share ongoing progress and create even more successes. Activities reinforce continued learning as we dive deeper into the psychology of thriving.

Would you like to expand your heartspark community, refine your success patterns, stay connected to who you are when you are at your best, be supported to go for the gusto in life and make a meaningful contribution at the same time? Then the heartspark in your pocket or HIP Alumni program is for you.

heartspark in your pocket

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the incredible growth of the heartspark community and the limited number of hours in the day, HIP classes are available exclusively to alumni – which includes everyone who has ever taken a heartspark class since 1997!

Contact us for more information or register below.

HIP Tuesday

a seat is available beginning
Tuesday, OCT 13

from 4:30 – 7:30pm
& continuing every 4 weeks

HIP Wednesday

a seat is available beginning
Wednesday, OCT 14
from 4:00 – 7:00pm
& continuing every 4 weeks

Introducing heartspark in your pocket (HIP)  class format

This class combines the latest positive psychology findings with heartspark’s 10 Success Practices to help you create even more success.

With this ongoing mixed-media class, you’ll meet via Zoom every 2 or 4 weeks (your choice,) plus an app on your phone allows us all to keep in touch in between. With up to 10 people in each class, together we create a caring, genuinely supportive place to connect anytime you want. You’ll have all the benefits of our traditional in-person class format PLUS:

  • 3-hour classes every 4 weeks
  • Virtual mid-month check-ins
  • 24/7 group support in your daily life
  • Your success patterns and heartspark calling card at your fingertips
  • A more flexible structure to fit your schedule
  • Individual and group coaching from Susan
  • More accountability for your progress
  • Shared tips, ah-ha’s, and resources across classes

Check current class openings and waitlists to register. Learn more about how heartspark in your pocket works here.

Have you read these success stories? Since you’ve taken Ignite the Spark, you already have some of your own. What will your next one say?


$99 per month. You can press “pause” at any time with 60-days’ notice. Tuition includes all course materials.