BIG NEWS: You dont want to miss this!

After 23 years of uncovering success patterns, igniting sparks and cheering on people like you as you made your dreams come true, it’s time for me to turn my focus to other passions. So as of November 1, 2020, heartspark will only offer heartspark in your pocket classes for heartspark alumni.  All other classes, activities, our social media presence and Spark Notes will all come to an end on or before that date.

That means the October 26th Spark Note (#670!) will be the last weekly bit of inspiration you’ll see in your inbox from me. 

Rather than ending our years-long connection cold-turkey, I’m offering you a gift to say thank you and to keep my voice in your head a little while longer.

Click here to choose from 16 different Spark-Note-inspired backgrounds for your phone or computer. That way you’ll have a “heartspark-ism” of your choice whenever and wherever you need it. Download as many as you like but please do it now because they won’t be available for long.

Thank you so much for all you have done to support me, heartspark and the heartspark community. You know I always love hearing your success stories, so please keep in touch as I continue on with the next stage of my pinch-me life.

It’s all good!!