Ignition Series

Start here. Go anywhere!

Get ready to succeed in ways you never thought possible and discover the skills you need to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Our 3-part series is designed to unlock your potential and passion by revealing the patterns that are critical to your success.

Take each program consecutively and you’ll emerge with:

  • Greater confidence and optimism
  • Increased energy and enthusiasm
  • Results you believed were impossible
  • An enhanced sense of purpose
  • Improved creativity and initiative
  • Clear goals and direction

Part 1: Ignite The Spark

Discover what lights you up.

Most of us are quite clear on what we don’t want. However, envisioning what we do want is much more difficult, yet it’s the most critical step in the process of achieving it. Thankfully, heartspark makes it easy.

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Part 2: Relax Into Success

Work doesn’t have to be hard.

Relax and success are rarely used in the same sentence, but this class demonstrates that once you clearly articulate a goal and have confidence in your ability to achieve it, success is an easy and natural progression.

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Part 3: Alumni Program

Keep the fire burning.

Relax Into Success™ graduates share their ongoing progress and create even more successes. Experiential activities reinforce continued learning as we dive deeper into the psychology of thriving.

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