Alumni Program

Alumni sessions keep the fire going! heartspark’s Relax Into Success™ graduates come together monthly in this class to share their ongoing progress and create even more successes. Experiential activities reinforce continued learning as we dive deeper into the psychology of thriving.

Originally a grassroots effort to maintain momentum by the “graduates” of the first-ever Relax into Success class, the Alumni program continues to be driven by the needs and wants of those active in the classes.

Would you like to expand your heartspark community, refine your success patterns, stay connected to who you are when you are at your best, be supported to go for the gusto in life and make a meaningful contribution at the same time? Then the Alumni program is for you.

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*NEW* Alumni program – TBA

Alumni programs bring together Relax into Success and Alumni program “graduates” in 3-hour sessions once a month for a year. More than simply a refresher, each session brings the latest positive psychology findings together with one or more of heartspark’s 10 Success Practices to help you create even more success.

Read all sorts of success stories here. Since you’ve taken Relax into Success, you already have some of your own. What will your next one say?

New class dates and times are influenced by registered participants and 100% of the profits earned from this class are contributed to heartspark’s scholarship fund.


Tuition of $744 includes catering and all course materials. Additional payment plans are offered when you click “register now” to the left.