Relax into Success

Relax and success are rarely used in the same sentence, but this class demonstrates that once you clearly articulate a goal and have confidence in your ability to achieve it, success is an easy and natural progression.

Combining the power of your Success Patterns with the goal you identified in Ignite the Spark, Relax into Success assists you in bringing your goal into reality. You’ll integrate heartspark’s 10 Success Practices into your daily life, learning to experience the full potential of your Success Patterns and how embracing them allows you to relax into success by simply being yourself.

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Relax into Success – FEBRUARY

Begins February 13 from 1 to 5 pm and continues every other Tuesday for a total of 15 sessions

15 half-day sessions every other week allows time to move beyond inspiration and make major progress toward – and possibly even accomplish – your goal. Each session provides a deep-dive into one or more of heartspark’s 10 Success Practices accompanied by a healthy dose of positive psychology research and findings.

Want some examples of what other people have accomplished? Check out our results page to read all sorts of success stories. What will yours say?


Tuition of $2400 includes catering and all course materials. Save $400 when you register 30 days or more in advance. Additional payment plans and incentives are offered when you click “register now” to the left.