Cocktail Literacy

heartspark Adventures

Here’s the scene: you walk into one of Portland’s ‘bespoke’ cocktail bars to find the cocktail list is a mile long and full of ingredients, words and descriptions that read more like a foreign language than a cocktail menu. In the moments before the server asks for your order, you make a quick decision to either 1) order something with no idea what you’re getting or 2) default to your go-to drink, despite the array of options and new cocktails ready to explore.

This heartspark Adventure was all about changing up this scene. Heartsparkler, Kelly Sanders, and her amazing team from House Spirits Distillery were there to shed some light.

We laughed and learned as we tasted some go-to cocktail standards and a few new cocktails making their way onto the scene. We heard about the rapidly evolving cocktail world, including buzzwords and ingredients to recognize on a menu or throw around in conversation with friends. Who knew there were so many flavors of bitters? Now we do!

heartspark Adventures are produced in partnership with Living Big.