Day 4 of Ignite the Spark by Aly Morgan

fierce aly morgan

This is the fourth post in the 4-part Ignite the Spark series by guest blogger Aly Morgan


It’s sad to think it’s our last class together, but I feel excited at what is still ahead! We get right to work and spend time thinking on what we want. It’s hard at this point not to get carried away and list every darn thing I’ve ever wanted. Partially because we are encouraged to dream big but also because these classes have given me a confidence I never knew was possible.

There is a real gift in knowing what I am naturally good at and seeing that confirmed time and time again. Some of the exercises seem like they don’t tie in to what we are covering and some seem more fun than productive, but they have all led to this point. They were designed for a purpose, and now more than ever, that purpose is clear. I look at life and approach it differently now. Knowing that when I am the best version of myself and when I show up just as I am, my natural gifts shine through.

When we are tasked with coming up with something we want to accomplish, it doesn’t take me long to decide. Our criteria were clear: it has to be small enough that we’ll know when we accomplish it, but not too small because it needs to require some magic.  When we think about it, it is supposed to give us energy and enthusiasm. And it has to be something for or about us.

I had come into Ignite feeling lost, both personally and when it came to my new business. I had all the passion and ideas that I could ever need, but I lacked direction and hadn’t quite found my unique voice. We did an exercise where we picked what we wanted to accomplish, and then broke it down into easy and doable steps. What was so unique and something that has still stuck with me, is looking at the task in a totally new way. Instead of starting from right now and thinking of every little thing I’d need to do to accomplish my goal, we started at the finish line and just made 10 easy steps back from there.

Suddenly what I wanted to accomplish didn’t seem so scary – it was doable in a very real and tangible way. At the end of our time, I rolled up my big sheet of paper with my steps on it, and was confident I’d be able to FINALLY make some progress. And I did . . . and continue to do!

I still use what I learned at heartspark in everyday situations. I’ll admit that it was hard leaving that last class. And being the sensitive type that I am, I may have teared up a bit on my way home. It blew me away that in only 4 short days, total strangers had become lifelong connections. It was astonishing to me that I had unraveled and learned so much about myself – was it really possible that I could be such a different person in that short of period? It certainly felt like it.

I left my Ignite the Spark experience feeling for the first time (possibly ever) confident in who I am and what I have to offer the world. I am a little less shy at gatherings, because I know if I just show up as myself, I will (if I can be so bold) totally kick ass! I learned that it is ok to dream big; I was encouraged to actually. Because those that know me and know my success patterns know that I am totally capable of accomplishing amazing BIG things.

Once you’ve dissected and distilled who you are, and what you really want from life, the frivolous things just fade away. You have so much focus and confidence, everything seems possible! I’ve never experienced such profound insight and confident enthusiasm. Susan equipped me with knowledge and re-assured me that I already had everything I needed to accomplish whatever I wanted, and wouldn’t you know it . . . she was right.

My life was changed by Ignite the Spark in a way that words just can’t describe. Because of it, I have dreamed bigger than I ever thought possible and I have learned more about myself that I ever knew I could. I have shown up in spectacular and amazing ways in my life and in the lives of others. I have accomplished what once seemed the impossible.

I have stood confident in my life and boldly declared:

My courage and awesomeness ignite magical moments and inspire others to live bigger, bolder and more creative lives.

And that, my friends, is the power and magic of Ignite the Spark . . .

~ Aly Morgan