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heartspark AdventuresCome to a heartspark Adventure to meet and connect with the heartspark community while engaging in something active and fun.

heartspark Adventures are brought to you in partnership with Mary Cecchini and LivingBig.org. Mary brings her personal mantra of “living big” to life by crafting opportunities for the heartspark community to live big, locally.

We’ve pedaled a Brewcycle through downtown Portland in search of beer and pizza, hiked through Forest Park while doing yoga, and scaled mountains by indoor rock climbing. Check out all of those and more in our blog archives. Whatever it is, it’s always fun and you are invited to join us.

Come to be active. Come to try something new. Come to laugh. Come to connect with the heartspark community and most importantly, come to live big!

Next Adventure Coming Soon!

Details TBA

Our recent “8T” Adventure was a big hit! Now, Mary Cecchini of Living Big is busy coming up with a new and exciting way to connect the heartspark community while learning something new and having fun at the same time. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to experience next, please send them our way.

If you’re not already on our mailing list, enter your name below and “let us be your tickler” so you’ll be the first to know when details for the next Adventure become available. Hope to see you there!

Brought to you in collaboration with Living Big

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