FAQ’s about heartspark in your pocket

heartspark in your pocket

Parts 2 and 3 of the Ignition Series just got a whole lot better.

Introducing the new class format—

heartspark in your pocket!

Relax into Success and heartspark’s Alumni program are now mixed-media classes that include 3-hour meetings every 4 weeks and an interactive app that you can use on your phone, iPad or laptop.

You’ll also hear me refer to heartspark in your pocket as HIP. Not only is it (almost) the acronym, it’s also a reminder that the intent of this learning experience is that you have me, the heartspark philosophy, the 10 success practices, your success patterns and an entire group of enthusiast support right on your phone and in your “HIP” pocket 24/7. Get it?

Why the change?

We wanted to create a supportive, rich community to connect with anytime you want while also giving you plenty of in-person class time. Besides, heartspark is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary and there’s so much new science of thriving to share that I thought a gift was in order. Loyal alumni have been asking for something new and more for quite a while.

What’s the difference between heartspark in your pocket and traditional heartspark classes?

Both Relax into Success and Alumni programs meet every 4 weeks for three hours in-person. So you’ll have all the benefits of a traditional class PLUS:

  • Instant group support in your daily life
  • A more flexible structure to fit your schedule
  • Frequent customized lessons
  • More accountability for your progress
  • Shared tips, ah-ha’s, and resources from other classes

Class sizes are also slightly different. Each heartspark in your pocket class includes up to 12 people (it used to be 6-8) plus a very engaging facilitator (still me.) It’s essential that we keep the highest touch facilitation at the lowest-cost-per-training-hour possible, which is why we’re keeping these groups small while significantly reducing the tuition for Relax into Success and with only a slight increase for the Alumni program. Not bad, considering all the new extras that come with it.

Arranging for class time in your busy schedule can be tricky, which makes this format even better. Now you just schedule one meeting per month and plan the rest of it around your own personal schedule.

How much does it cost?

$99 per month. That’s it! Plus you’re getting SO much more with this new format.

How does it work?

It’s easy:

  1. Sign up!
  2. Revisit your current path and emotional goal in a new way.
  3. Receive an easy introduction to Slack, the interactive app we use to stay connected between sessions.
  4. Get a personal welcome from everyone in your class and share your story.
  5. Get daily updates from me, the rest of your group, tips and resources, and plenty more heartspark gems.
  6. Join your monthly 3-hour meeting to keep your momentum up and your heart full.

How long are the classes?

Relax into Success and the Alumni program are both designed so that you can be a part of them for as long as you want.

What if I want to take a break?

You can press “pause” at any time with 60-days notice! Then you can start back up again whenever you’re ready and there’s an open seat. Easy peasy.

Is Part 1: Ignite the Spark switching to the new format?

Not yet. (Key word: yet!) We are so excited about this new format, and we are already reworking Ignite the Spark course materials to fit with heartspark in your pocket. Ignite the Spark classes will remain traditional classes for the rest of 2018.

All good news, right? Many people have already found great momentum towards their success stories using heartspark in your pocket. Join us today!