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Are you looking to increase profits, while improving employee performance and job satisfaction? At heartspark, we believe that businesses thrive when their employees do. That’s why we developed the Ignition program—a series of three unique classes designed to unlock the potential of your employees and ignite the success of your business.

Using scientifically proven practices, our program consistently delivers happier employees and healthier bottom lines.

Learn why leading companies are choosing heartspark to drive their organization forward:

“My boss wouldn’t pay for the program, so I footed the bill. When he noticed my increased productivity, creativity and infectious positive attitude, guess what? The company reimbursed me. The ROI was that obvious.”

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“Thanks to the Ignition series, adversarial labor vs. management perceptions disappeared and cross functional collaboration and sharing of resources was the new norm.”

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“Imagine a person so valuable that a company would create a position to showcase his or her talents. The Ignition series  is about becoming that person.”

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Maximize Performance.
Achieve Potential.

Our Ignition series helps you uncover the potential of your workforce and maximize their performance—all by cultivating employee happiness and engagement. Our unique road map identifies the key drivers for satisfaction at work and provides actionable steps for helping your employees feel more engaged, motivated and confident.

The Business Effect of Employee Happiness

Special Report:

5 Fortune 500 Strategies That Business Leaders Can Use To Boost Employee Morale And Decrease Expensive Turnover

Why Happiness is Critical to Your Bottom Line

According to a recent Gallup study, unhappy employees cost the U.S. up to $350 million a year in lost productivity. Employee dissatisfaction and disengagement has become a major problem—one with significant impact on a company’s profitability.

That’s why investing in employee happiness is critical for building more effective, efficient and profitable organizations. Research has shown that happier employees result in:

Higher Profitability

Higher Sales

More Innovation

Decrease in Sick Leave

More Productivity

Lower Turnover

When you compare happy employees to their unhappy colleagues, the results are dramatic. Happy employees are:
  • Better leaders and negotiators
  • More productive in their jobs
  • More flexible
  • Staying twice as long in their jobs
  • Demonstrating more ingenuity in their thinking
  • Paid more money
  • Spending twice as much time focused on what they’re paid to do
  • Taking 10 times less sick leave
  • 2 times more likely to believe they are achieving their potential

Why Do Fortune 500 Brands Invest Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Into Employee Satisfaction Programs?

Because their profitability goals depend on it. Last year alone, revenues increased by an average of 22.2% for the companies listed on Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. Additionally, companies on that list have been found to have far less employee turnover than average.

Simply put, it pays to invest in your people. There is hard evidence to support that happy employees lead directly to better performance, higher profits and decreased turnover. Check out a few examples below:

Google invests so much in employee happiness that they have paid staff members whose entire job is making sure that people are happy. Their employee happiness strategy is clearly paying off—not only are their profits increasing every year, but 99% of Google employees report being happy and Google consistently ranks among the best places to work.

Marriott puts a premium on keeping its employees happy and engaged. Regardless of their role, Marriott employees report feeling valued, cared for and respected. In addition, 91% of employees say they’re proud to work there and feel a sense of pride in what they accomplish. As a result of their efforts towards employee satisfaction, their stocks gained 28% in 2013 alone.

Whole Foods invests a lot of time in developing its team members.  Employees have been impressed by their steadfast commitment to nurturing employee potential, with nearly 8 out of 10 employees saying they receive training that helps them advance professionally. In addition, due to investments in company culture, 92% of Whole Foods employees say it’s a friendly place to work and 89% are proud to tell others where they work. As a result of keeping their employees happy, Whole Foods generated over $11 billion in revenue in 2013 and their stocks gained a whopping 31%.

American Express goes to impressive lengths to care for its employees. 83% of their employees say that they are encouraged to balance their work and personal lives and 93% describe AmEx as a friendly place to work. As a result of their efforts to keep employees happy, their profits have dramatically increased, with stock advancing 22% in 2013. Additionally, 84% of employees plan to stay at AmEx indefinitely.

Special Report:

5 Fortune 500 Strategies That Business Leaders Can Use To Boost Employee Morale And Decrease Expensive Turnover

The Return On Your Investment

heartspark’s Ignition Series has been proven to:

Influence job satisfaction

98% of heartspark alumni report feeling increased optimism, confidence, energy and feelings of control over their future—more than a year later!

Improve innovation output and employee performance

65% of heartspark alumni return to their current positions with noticeable increases in creativity and initiative

Increase employee enthusiasm and dedication

The remaining nearly 35% of heartspark alumni find new opportunities within their sponsor organization where they’re excited to contribute even more.

Help companies retain talent

Over 99% of heartspark alumni continue to work for their sponsoring employer far beyond the point of recouping the organization’s investment

Improve productivity and profitability

Ignition series graduates increase their productivity by an average of more than $20,000 per year. When companies enroll multiple participants, that number becomes even more significant.


Who is Susan Clark, founder of heartspark?

Susan ClarkFor over 20 years, Susan Clark has harnessed the power of positive psychology and her one-of-a-kind classes to inspire a countless number of clients to uncover their natural patterns of success and achieve their utmost goals and dreams. It’s through her authenticity as a facilitator that she creates a trusting environment in her classes. This leads to break-through changes in attitudes and behaviors for her clients.

Susan is renowned for finding the positive in all situations and people. She is a charter affiliate member of the International Positive Psychology Association, and she was highlighted in “Spark, Ten Secrets to Living a Life You Love,” by Doug Mendenhall. Combining her years of experience as a Risk Manager and Director of Corporate Culture, with degrees in Business and Psychology, Susan has a rich understanding of human behavior and real-world management.

Learn more about Susan here.

What is the Ignition Series?

The Ignition series is compromised of 3 classes that build upon one another and are grounded in the science of positive psychology.

Part 1: Ignite the Spark is a 4-session immersion program designed to awaken your employees’ sense of purpose. We’ll help your employees discover their natural patterns of success, identify what success looks like and begin mapping out a way to get there.

Part 2: Relax into Success is an ongoing mixed-media class of monthly meetings and an interactive communication app. We’ll bring the employee goals and success patterns from Ignite the Spark to life. Your employees will learn heartspark’s 10 success practices to help them realize their potential, increase their confidence and improve their performance.

Part 3: The Alumni program is an ongoing mixed-media class of monthly meetings and an interactive communication app. Each session is designed to provide ongoing support as your employees dive deeper into the 10 success practices. Experiential activities reinforce continued development as Relax into Success graduates come together monthly to share their progress and achieve even more successes.

Which class is right for my team?

To ensure your employees get the most out of their heartspark experience, we recommend that all 3 courses in the Ignition series be taken consecutively. However, if you’d prefer to start with one class, Ignite the Spark is where to begin. To determine what the Ignition Series can do for an individual employee or your entire team, contact us.

How much does it cost?

Tuition and payment options for the 3 classes in the Ignition series are listed on each class page.

Are there additional costs? No. All course materials are included in tuition.

Are volume discounts available? Yes. Let’s talk. Please contact us to discuss the plan that best suits your needs.

When does the next class begin??

Soon! Ignite the Spark—the first class in the series—is scheduled around the availability of those who plan to attend. See our Ignition series page for how to influence dates and available openings in the class of your choice.

What will we get out of the program?

Results are different for each class offered. You’ll find some great examples here or contact us for more on the results you can expect based on your specific situation.

If we help our employees tap into their passion and sense of purpose, won’t they leave us?

Historically, our classes have actually been shown to decrease employee turnover. In our experience, employees truly appreciate when their sponsor company invests in their success and that appreciation is paid back with renewed loyalty and a commitment to contributing to the company in a meaningful way.

How many students are in a class?

Typically between 4 and 8 students, depending on the class, plus one very engaging facilitator. We pride ourselves on offering the highest touch facilitation at the lowest-cost-per-training-hour possible.

Who would benefit?

Anyone ready to make an even bigger difference in the organization. Your top performers—by rewarding their contribution and keeping them fully engaged, productivity, creativity and self-efficacy soars. As would your underperformers—the increased confidence, personal accountability and new perspective gained can turn lackluster performance around quickly.

Where is heartspark located?

heartspark is located in sunny Portland, Oregon. Most classes and events are held at TENpod on the 2nd floor of the  Fair-haired Dumbbell building – on the east end of the Burnside Bridge. The street address is 11 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232.

For driving directions, click here.
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Our mailing address is:

PO Box 80294
Portland OR 97280

Other Questions?

Feel free to give us a shout. That’s what we’re here for!