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heartspark goat yoga AdventureCome to a heartspark Adventure to  connect with the heartspark community while engaging in something active and fun.

heartspark Adventures are brought to you in partnership with Carrie Tarbell. Carrie’s raison d’être is to provide joy and full life living to others through playful exploration.

Our last heartspark Adventure was a big hit. We believe our upcoming GOAT YOGA Adventure will be great fun too!

The Original Goat Yoga

Beaver Lake Stables
17531 S Henrici Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045
$40 includes private event, yoga, mats, goats and fun photo ops

Are you ready to laugh, stretch and be surrounded by cuteness? Join your fellow heartsparklers in “farming happiness” at Original Goat Yoga in Oregon City.

The experience is held in a warm and cozy barn at Beaver Lake Stables. Goat Yoga is about disconnecting from day-to-day stress and focusing on happy vibes. It’s part yoga, part animal-assisted therapy.

The goats are very friendly and want your affection. Expect them to graze, lay down close to you, sit on your mat and be very social. They are as smart and as snuggly as dogs! Plus they o help create the focus, calmness and meditative state we all want during a yoga class.

Who’s invited?

  • Any and all heartsparklers plus their friends and family (18 & over)
  • This is a private event. We’ll have the whole class to ourselves!

What to expect

  • 30 min of all-levels yoga. No experience necessary.
  • 60 min of “Goat Happy Hour.” This is the animal therapy portion where you get to snuggle with the goats, hang out with them on your mat, take goat selfies, etc.
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heartspark goat yoga Adventure

What should we do next?

We’re always on the lookout for yet another exciting way to connect the heartspark community while learning something new and having fun.

We’ve pedaled a Brewcycle through downtown Portland in search of beer and pizza, hiked through Forest Park while doing yoga, and scaled mountains by indoor rock climbing. Check out all of those and more in our blog archives. Whatever it is, it’s always fun and all heartspark alumni and their friends are invited to join us.

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to experience next, please send them our way! In the meantime, click on the images to savor a few past Adventures and of course, there’s even more here. We sure do know how to have fun, don’t we?

Jen Sincero
heartspark adventure
heartspark Adventures