heartspark turns 20!

[Spoiler alert: There’s a free gift at the end of this post!]

The funny thing about heartspark’s beginnings is that it grew from the very thing that we talk about in our classes: start here, go anywhere! And that’s exactly what I did, 20 years ago:

When Divine Discontent Meets Success Patterns

It began in the corporate world, where I was a Risk Manager. Externally, I was living “the good life” – a high-paying job, a beautiful home and a loving family. Internally, however, I was experiencing what I call “divine discontent.” Accomplished and surrounded by abundance, and yet I wasn’t satisfied. I felt restless, as if there was a missing piece to my puzzle.

During this time, I took a year-long leadership training that piqued my curiosity about what this missing piece was. What was my purpose? What more can I contribute? It was through this training that I uncovered my success patterns.

Once I discovered them, I could see them everywhere. My dreams and ambitions became clearer. My friends even validated my natural patterns of success for me.

One said: “When I’m talking to you, Susan, it feels like there’s more air in the room. You make me smile and are living proof that believing works.”

Another said, “I realize as I anticipate your arrival that I am also anticipating the magic that you bring with you wherever you go. I guess because you expect life to be magic, it is.”

My success patterns were leading me on a journey to help me define the best “me”, and it brought a remarkable new energy to my professional and personal life. I wanted to do more of this work. Lots more.

The Universe Always Responds

So, I wrote a proposal to the Senior Vice President, recommending a new position, Director of Corporate Culture, which aligned perfectly with my success patterns. I asked for a home office where I’d design curriculum to influence the culture of the organization. I was already dreaming of how I might use that same curriculum on my own down the road. And I asked for a generous compensation package, of course. In short, I was asking for the moon.

And guess what? They said “yes.”

Bad News is Good News

I was elated. This was my dream job. I was thrilled. Yet, mere months later, as part of an acquisition, I was told my new position was being eliminated. I could bid on other job openings in the company, and I was assured I’d be at the top of the list. But I was in shock.

It was then that I realized I was in charge! I was ready to start the business I had been dreaming of. I said, “No, thank you” to any internal job offers. Then I took my husband, Jeff, out for dinner.

Taking a deep breath, I explained what I wanted to do and why it was important to me. He immediately, and thoughtfully said, “I think you need to do this – for yourself and as a role model for our children.”

I sat stunned. We both agreed that we were entering an unpredictable storm, but we also thought, “Wow! What a wonderful, wild ride this is going to be!”

heartspark’s Early Years

In those first few years, I subcontracted with another consultant while developing heartspark curriculum, soon to become The Ignition Series.

I blended my understanding of human behavior and real-world management experience with my own story of finding and harnessing the power of individual success patterns.

heartspark is not just a place to learn. It’s a place where we come to discover our best self, inspire each other, and above all, reach for (and catch) the wild things in our hearts.

It’s a place that was born from itself – it’s my wildest dream come true.

It has been over 20 years since that dinner out with Jeff. Just as we predicted, it’s been a wonderful, wild ride. And I’m so excited about what’s beyond the horizon. I think of it as heartspark 2.0!

A free heartspark anniversary gift for you!

Thank you for being a part of this wild ride. In the spirit of giving back, I have a gift for you, my beloved heartspark community.

Actually, it’s a gift exchange: Be one of the first 20 people to share via an email to me or heartspark’s Facebook page (tagging @heartspark) a photo of you doing something you first thought to be impossible (whether it’s a new job or business, traveling, receiving an honor, accomplishing an amazing feat, or simply being happy.) Then you’ll receive a special surprise gift that invites you to join my campaign to share and spread joy all over the world.

All it takes to get started is a photo. Thank you thank you thank you. You are absolutely the heart in heartspark. Come celebrate with me!