heartspark’s own 8T hike

heartspark adventure

I’ve had a life-long love affair with Portland and, during this heartspark Adventure, we experienced our fabulous city from new perspectives: across a river, from the top of a hill, underground, and through the air.

Following on the heels of record-breaking winds, power outages, a closed tram and downed trees, our heartspark 8T Adventure was an oasis of perfect conditions to experience Portland via 8Ts. What are these Ts I speak of? Well. . . .

We started off with TREATS at heartspark while we learned more about the adventure ahead and got to know our fellow adventurers.

Then we made an urban TREK from heartspark, along the Esplanade and over the Hawthorne Bridge. That’s when we learned that Mary Cecchini had given us each a fun, yet little known, fact about Portland to share along the way.

Once downtown, we jumped on a TRAIN that took us to the Oregon Zoo.

A few drops of rain caused us to put on our rain gear, but after 5 minutes we didn’t need it as we hit the TRAIL for our 4th T. Then we hiked through Forest Park and the West Hills, stopping at Council Crest for beautiful city views and a picnic lunch. We actually took off our jackets during lunch because it was so warm!

Hiking down (and up and down and up) we made our way to the top of the TRAM and then gently glided down to the South Waterfront.

heartspark adventureFrom there, we opted to walk the TROLLEY line over the TILIKUM Crossing, rather than ride, because that’s just the way we roll.

It barely started to sprinkle as we turned off the Esplanade to return to heartspark, where we stretched our weary legs on the floor of heartspark HQ while enjoying a champagne TOAST. Have you been counting the Ts? You guessed it, TOAST makes 8.

heartspark adventureDuring our great post-Adventure conversation there was a deluge of rain, sleet and hail that passed through just in time to allow us to head home in the sun. That’s what I call divine timing! Thanks to everyone who so optimistically and enthusiastically joined us. It was truly a magical day.

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