How to Succeed in Life in One Easy Step

By March 10, 2011 Susan says No Comments

 I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance. ~ Socrates

Reread the above quote. Think about it. What does it really mean? Might Socrates be saying the world is here to teach us? If we embrace learning as growth, then there is nothing we can’t discover. Each new discovery clarifies our own self-vision, or how we see our place in life, work and play.

Think of a young baby. She knows nothing beyond hunger, sleep and human contact. She begins recognizing her parents and family. As she grows she discovers language, textures, emotions. Further along she uncovers politics and nuance. Her journey is one of ignorance. She is in a perfect state of learning and accepting new ideas. Foreign languages come easily to her for she is unaware of what she is not supposed to know. She develops the critical processes of finding her own truth.

Now, imagine you are that child. You are child-like and you know nothing. Would you open up to ideas, people and experiences that your former knowledge and education edited out of your life, now that you’ve embraced your ignorance and its power? The fact of your ignorance is a most powerful tool. Use it and watch your life change. Watch it fill with more than you’d dare imagine until this very moment.