Day 1 of Ignite the Spark by Aly Morgan

Aly Morgan

With another Ignite the Spark class starting next week, I thought it might be interesting to go behind the scenes and hear they play-by-play of one person’s Ignite the Spark experience.  Aly Morgan is a talented artist and gifted writer. What follows is part one of a 4-part series. Here is her story.


I’m giddier than I expect and as I pull into the parking lot, I try to keep the butterflies in my stomach at bay. Having had 2 friends go through this course and share their experiences with me, I know a part of me will be changed – there is no going back. And as I walk past the brick buildings and people on the street, I take a mental picture of what life is like right at this moment.

It’s easy to feel the nervousness in the air, as I enter the heartspark office, but I’m immediately put at ease. Susan’s smile radiates and welcomes me in such a warm way, it takes me by surprise. I find a seat a settle in amongst the others and look around. I feel like I’ve been let in on a secret and wonder how many of these people realize their lives are about to change too.

We don’t waste any time starting introductions and getting into the work. We jump in with the first exercise and I feel a catch in my throat. It’s a little bit scary and nerve wracking and a reminder that this is going to be some really enlightening work. Once I get past the initial nervousness, I feel a bit more powerful. The type of power that comes from taking life by the horns and from the deep desire to make sure I am the absolute best version of myself possible.

I know this class will allow me to do just that, and it’s not long before we partner up and start sharing about who we are and what we want. It’s a great honor and humbling experience to be present in such a way for another human being. Just listening and being present. My partner whom I’ve just met, now feels like an old friend. I get to know his thoughts, dreams and fears on a whole new level. And in many ways, I know more about him than I do even my best friends.

The most interesting part for me is having my partner share with the group what he gleaned from his time listening to me. Hearing someone else use my words and language and reflecting that back is such a surreal experience. I realize how strange it is that without even thinking about it, I tend to use the same words and themes over and over again. I suddenly get to see myself from a different perspective than I ever have before, and there is a part of that that is thrilling.

We start using this information and reflected observations to begin collecting patterns about ourselves, and I’m surprised at what mine are. What I think I know about myself seems to go out the window. Suddenly I’m aware that there are some things I want so deeply in life, that I couldn’t hide them even if I tried – it’s clear in my words and how I relate to people.

I am surprised and touched at how these natural patterns emerge and on paper, I experience a condensed version of myself. Without the physical descriptors and social interactions that people have previously known me by, I am distilled into simple but powerful statements.

I leave class feeling overwhelmed, but in the best possible way! I see myself in a new light and I’m excited at the thought of being able to see the patterns I’ve just discovered about myself as I go through the next weeks and months. It’s the finding of what I didn’t know was there and then seeing it right out in front of me, over and over again.  It’s scary yet beautiful all at the same time. I already know that there is so much more to discover and I can’t wait for the next class . . .