Day 2 of Ignite the Spark by Aly Morgan

be the best version of you

This is the second post in the 4-part Ignite the Spark series by guest blogger Aly Morgan


I’m still reeling from the first session but am beyond excited to be in class again. We come back together and soak up all the common phrases and themes we’ve heard in each other’s stories. We reflect on what themes and thoughts we want to carry forward and what feels like it doesn’t really serve us or reflect who we really want to be. I look around at these people, strangers just a week ago, and feel so much pride and happiness at seeing them make sense of all these seemingly unrelated things. And, if I listen closely enough to myself, I feel a little swell of pride at being able to distill from all this chaos, the common threads and thoughts that have been there all along.

Today is all about creating our pattern statement – an elevator pitch, so to speak, about who we are and what our purpose is. It feels wrong to create a statement about myself that seems so boastful. The thought of declaring something so larger than life is a little intimidating. I write a rough draft of my statement:

“My courage and awesomeness ignite magical moments and inspire others to live bigger, bolder and more creative lives”

Holy crap! Can I really say that? Who exactly do I think I am? All of those thoughts (and so many more) run through my mind. That’s a bold statement. Really bold, actually. And as scary as it feels to say something so bold about myself, my heart skips a beat when I say it out loud for the first time. But it’s not out of fear or embarrassment. Something within me recognizes it. It’s the boldness of a version of myself that I don’t even realize exists yet.

As much as I want to run away and hide, I’ve decided from the beginning that I would trust the process. And I trust that everyone else is feeling as awkward as I am declaring just how great they are. But slowly, it starts to settle in. We aren’t saying this is us at every moment, but it is certainly who we are when we are at our very best.

The proof is in the pudding, so to speak, and we’ve all seen time and time again through the exercises that we are consistent in the unique gifts we bring to the world. I never would have believed it before, but now I see it everywhere. I see my success patterns in my relationships, in how I see the world and in what my deepest passions are.

We spend time journaling about what we would do differently in life if we believed our pattern statement to be true. If we believed we were that absolute best person on the planet when it comes to our strengths. Whoa, what a humbling thought! It feels ridiculous when I say to myself “I am the very best at being courageous. I am the very best at inspiring people”. But you know what, it changed me. Not only just to say it, but to see my patterns come through over and over again. I started to realize that although technically I may not be the very best in the world, I certainly am the best in any given situation if I am truly being myself and just showing up as I am.

I find it hard to swallow around the lump in my throat, as we journal about what we would do differently if we knew we were the best at our success patterns. I realize that things I would do and how I would interact with the world are not some farfetched ideas – they are the things that I think and dream about every day. They are what my daydreams are filled with. I’d create more art. I’d be more confident in meeting new people. I’d follow my passion blindly and know it would lead to amazing things. I’d build and grow my business to be successful. So many wonderful things . . .

And for the first time ever, they feel real and feasible. I don’t know the how or the why, but I know that they are possible. And I know that just by showing up as I am, I can make them happen. It is the most thrilling, terrifying and amazing realization I’ve ever had and I can’t wait for our next session . . .