Day 3 of Ignite the Spark by Aly Morgan

ripple effect

This is the third post in the 4-part Ignite the Spark series by guest blogger Aly Morgan


It’s time for another class and I can’t believe I’ve already uncovered and discovered so much about myself in just 2 short days. It makes me excited for what today’s class brings but makes me sad to know that we’ll be wrapping up our time together in just one more class after today.

We spend some time thinking and writing about our “ripple effect” – what we would like people to say about the effect we have on their lives. It’s the type of thing I’ve thought about often over the years but not something that I have been so hands-on about exploring. We sit and reflect on the impact we want to make on others’ lives. It’s a sobering type of moment. One usually reserved when you are witnessing the end of someone’s life, when you think about your legacy and what you want to be remember for.

I’m surprised again when love, warmth, authenticity, humor and inspiration find their way into my words over and over again. I find myself wanting people to say that I have made them feel loved and treasured, in big and small ways. That I have made them feel seen and appreciated and that I have inspired them to be true to themselves . . . that I have helped them share their own greatness with the world.

It’s an overwhelming thought. One that makes me tear up a bit. To think that I could have the power to be such a positive force in someone’s life is humbling, to say the least. To acknowledge that I have the power, the capability and the skills to do just that – wow. It’s one of the most exhilarating, mind boggling and intense realizations I have ever experienced! But it’s true. I can see it now. Now that I’ve distilled my unique gifts and characteristics, it seems totally plausible that I COULD (and do) have that effect on people.

When I think about people describing what I contribute to the world, it’s just as powerful. I imagine a world where I can directly affect the people in my inner circle, and how that in turn can affect my community. And then how that can contribute to my state and then region and then my country . . . and then the world. The possibilities are endless! Thinking about my impact and the effect I can have on the world is a whole new level of thinking. One that I hadn’t given myself the time or power to do, but here, in this room with these like-minded people, I forge ahead and dream big about what little ol’ me can do to make the world a better place.

We take some time to work on another task, this one as equally overwhelming and amazing as the others. We work on answering the question “Why am I here?” We are asked to imagine we were given our particular success patterns for a reason and are meant to reflect on it in both the smallest and the biggest ways. Thinking about your purpose and why you are on this earth is no small task. It’s heavy, and complex and mind boggling, to say the least. To declare to yourself and the world, who and what you were born to do is terrifying. But declaring your new found purpose to a room full of like-minded people is one of the absolute most thrilling accomplishments.

So much so, that I spend the rest of the day with my head in the clouds and a skip in my step . . .