heartspark in your pocket

In celebration of heartspark’s 20th anniversary, Parts 2 and 3 of the Ignition Series got even better. Relax into Success and the Alumni program are now one ongoing mixed-media class—combining 3-hour meetings every 4 weeks with an interactive communication app to keep in touch in between.

With each class of up to 10 people, we create a caring, genuinely supportive place to connect anytime you want along with plenty of group class time. You’ll have all the close, personal connections of our traditional in-person classes PLUS:

  • 24/7 group support in your daily life
  • A more flexible structure to fit your schedule
  • Personalized one-on-one coaching with Susan Clark
  • More accountability for your progress
  • Shared tips, ah-ha’s, and resources from other classes

What is heartspark in your pocket?

After experimenting and refining the format with a pilot group for the two years, let me tell you, the results are amazing. People who are experiencing it with me are so excited, that one very talented alum created this handy guide to visually describe heartspark in your pocket:

heartspark in your pocket

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up!
  2. Join your monthly 3-hour class to keep your momentum up and your heart full.
  3. Revisit your current path and emotional goal in a new way.
  4. Receive an easy introduction to Slack, the interactive communication app.
  5. Enjoy a personal welcome from everyone in your class.
  6. Get regular updates from me, the rest of your group, tips and resources, and plenty more heartspark gems.

Here’s an example of what communication in your pocket may look like:

Benefits of heartspark in your pocket

Well, besides the pleasure of me getting to talk with YOU more often, here are some other great reasons why things are switching up:

You pick your schedule

You get to choose when it’s “heartspark time.” Set your notifications however you like, log on whenever you like, and spend as much time on Slack in between your monthly classes as you like. Some people are “chattier” on Slack than others, and some people check in only once in a while. There is no “wrong” way to do it, we just ask that you’re all caught up on updates in time for your monthly meeting.

You get more heartspark

Since you decide when to check in, you get to decide how much time you devote to it! Again, there’s no wrong way to participate. The great thing is that you’ll have more opportunities for inspiration with regular updates from me, custom lessons, and constant support from your fellow classmates. And I can share gems and expertise in between heartspark in your pocket groups, so your network of support will get even bigger!

You grow deeper connections

You know that warm feeling you get when you know someone is cheering you on? That’s what you’ll have all the time with heartspark in your pocket. Having a tricky day? Ask your group for extra support. Got some good news to share? Now you don’t have to wait until the next class to tell us all about it! And since these are ongoing classes, you’ll develop genuinely strong connections with your classmates that can last a lifetime.

Still have questions? Check out this handy dandy FAQ page about heartspark in your pocket.

Now’s your chance to try it…

Sign up here for an upcoming heartspark in your pocket class and see for yourself!