Making Limoncello with Lucia

heartspark adventure

One of Mary Cecchini’s and my favorite memories from travels in Italy is the moment at the end of a meal, when the server or host brings out a bottle of chilled limoncello and a tray of glasses. Both are set in the center of the table and guests fill their glasses with this lemony spirit, and slowly sip to end their evening. Meals aren’t rushed, conversations are given room to breathe and laughs and stories are plentiful. That’s our kind of meal and a highlight of every trip to Italy.

We’re bringing the tradition to Portland and Lucia Galizia – our instructor and host for this class – is the woman to lead the charge. Lucia was born and raised in Naples, Italy (arguably the home of limoncello) but has lived in the U.S. for many years and is a leader in Portland’s Italian American community. As the official host of Festa Italia and KBOO’s Italian Hour she knows a thing or two about Italian culture, history, food and life.

During this special class Lucia shared her stories of Italy and her family’s limoncello recipe. We started with Italian snacks and wine then Lucia guided us through the steps to make our own bottle of limoncello.

Cheers to long meals with friends and having the perfect spirit to share this holiday season.


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