Mary’s Magical Move to Mambo

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I have the privilege of witnessing many amazing success stories. Today, thanks to Mary Rarick’s willingness to share her story along with her entertaining writing style, I get to share a whopper with you.  Read it slowly and savor all of the pieces of the puzzle that fit together so serendipitously. It almost seems like magic…


Thank you so much for the email update, Susan. What an inspiration you are to all of us.

As promised, here’s an update as to my goings on since taking the Ignite class in September.

After identifying my success patterns during September’s Ignite the Spark, I left with clarity of direction and purpose. I was going to pursue a new job, and I was going to start my search by asking everyone I knew to meet me for coffee. Without a clue of the kind of job I wanted, I proceeded with the confidence that I’d know it when it presented itself.

I started by asking the most obvious, close friends and confidants, but eventually extended the reach to individuals I hardly knew. From October 18 to November 3 I had coffee with seventeen individuals and received three job offers. Note to self: Had I not taken Ignite the Spark I would have snapped up two of those job offers in a nanosecond. They were great jobs, and in this economy who can afford to turn down a good job offer? {points to self} This girl. Having taken the class I knew that I could easily excel at any of these jobs but they wouldn’t be exciting, fulfilling, or even exhilarating, all new post-Ignite requirements.

When I sat down to coffee with Siouxsie Jennett of Mambo Media on  Thursday, November 4, I wasn’t even sure how I was going to introduce the topic of my job search. Ummm, you’re probably wondering why I asked you here… The only time I’d been in the same room as Siouxsie we’d sat in a one-hour meeting together. Eight months ago.I’d followed up by sending a hand-written note and connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. She’s politely responded and I hadn’t seen her since. 

So when she sat down, turned to me and said, “When I saw your email request for coffee I thought, ‘I sure hope she’s looking for a job, ’cause I’m going to hire her,'” I just about fell off my stool. I spent the next hour reminding myself that I had asked her to coffee. She explained how she’d interviewed so many people (was I dressed appropriately for what now appeared to be an interview?) but no one was right for the job (what job?). She proceeded to pitch me my dream job as a social media strategist and explained to me why I was a perfect fit for her team. As we parted she asked me to “think about money” and we scheduled a meeting with her team for the following week. We met Monday and she hired me on the spot.

I was completely stunned to receive this job offer: I didn’t know she was hiring; she didn’t know I was looking; I have no formal marketing education or experience. Yet, after hearing the wonderful stories of how people’s lives are changed by HeartSpark, I can’t say that I was surprised to have this dream job dropped in my lap.

I can’t imagine what I’d be doing today had I not taken Ignite the Spark:

  1. I would only have had knowledge of what I had already done but no idea of what I was capable of doing.
  2. I wouldn’t have known my success patterns.
  3. I wouldn’t have increased my rate by 25% while at my previous job.
  4. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to know where to start looking for a job that I couldn’t even identify.
  5. I would never have asked someone I hardly knew to do me the favor of having coffee with me to help me out.
  6. I would have taken one of the three jobs offered to me earlier.
  7. I probably wouldn’t have recognized my dream job or had the confidence to accept the position, given my lack of education and experience in the field.

 Susan, thank you for the magic and spark that you shared (and continue to share) with me. 

Mary Rarick, Social Media Strategist, Mambo Media


Mary Rarick comes to Mambo Media with a background in publishing, project management and a severe caffeine addiction. A self-acknowledged abuser of hash tags, she is thrilled to be helping businesses engage with their customers using social media tools. In her free time Mary can be found searching for the perfect tech tools, serving at her local food bank or playing Rock Band with her family. You can read more about her at LinkedIn, connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.