Photo source: East PDX News

Kevin Williams

“I had a reputation for being the grumpy Gus in the corner office. I felt like I was drowning. heartspark was the life preserver that saved me.”

Have you ever been unhappy at work?

Kevin was at a low point in his career. He was no longer happy working for the City and was looking to leave.

Kevin’s Story

Feeling unfulfilled at work, Kevin was doing nothing more than biding his time. Part of his poor attitude was based on a feeling that the City was not using his talents and skills effectively and that he was stuck in his job.

The Bureau’s training officer guided him toward the Ignition series. Initially insulted that someone would think he needed leadership development, he was skeptical going in, but managed to keep an open mind.

That began an age of discovery for Kevin. He found that the carrot-on-the-stick that he had been chasing – promotion to Manager – no longer had the allure it once did. Instead, he focused his energy on making the Bureau a more positive and productive environment. Much to the surprise of everyone, especially to himself, he became a cultural change agent and became fully engaged in his work again.

As things often happen, there was a leadership change in the organization and by that time, Kevin believed his skill set and new attitude would be an asset to the City. He is now contributing even more as a Public Works Manager.