patti honc

Patti Honc

“My advice to you? Don’t wait. Ask for what you want. It will open doors that you never imagined.”

Does getting what you want seem impossible?

Patti knew in her heart what she wanted, but assumed it would take an unbearable amount of time, money and effort to get there.

Patti’s Story

It all started when a dear friend of mine suggested I take heartspark’s Ignite the Spark class with her. It was perfect timing because I believe in being intentional about knowing where I want to go and how to get there. I had good options at work and was planning to retire in a few years to be closer to family, but that was somewhere down the road. Now, I was “working hard” to get a promotion while working toward my Six Sigma Black Belt certification. It was tricky managing the time away from the office, but with determination on both Susan Clark’s and my part, we made it happen.

The 4 days I spent with my cohort were amazing. Uncovering my success patterns challenged my habit of “working hard” to make something happen. When we began to focus on what we want and how we want to feel, I realized I’m fortunate to already have much of what I want, so I stretched my thinking to include everything from being strong and confident in my level of physical fitness, to staying connected with my joy, yet the idea of retiring to Texas to be with my family continued to rise to the top.

By the end of class, I had settled on “Say yes to the right job in Texas and if I don’t get a promotion in 6 months, I will identify growth opportunities in my current job.” On the last day of class, one of my wonderful success partners asked the seemingly simple question, “Why wait? What’s stopping you from moving today?” That powerful question challenged my timeline and goals. It was very uncomfortable to think differently about my plans, but the seed was firmly planted.

My Ignite the Spark experience was in September. At my year-end performance review, I told my manager that I wanted to continue working a couple of years, but only if I could do it remotely from Texas. He said, “Absolutely! You’ll do a great job wherever you are.” I travel so much that I can contribute at my current level wherever I live as long as it’s near an airport, so why don’t I take my current job [that I love] to Texas? Say yes to the right job in Texas. Check! Close to my family. Check!

I went on to receive my Black Belt certification which led to a special assignment in Hawaii. I’d call that a growth opportunity in my current job, wouldn’t you? Check!

One of the 10 heartspark success practices is to save room for more. That’s when you know what you want, but hold it loosely enough to allow it to become even better than you imagined – a very different mindset than “working hard” for it. My husband and I put our house on the market and sold it while I was in Hawaii. Four days later, we went to Texas, made an offer on our perfect house that is scheduled to close next month. Even better than I imagined. Check!

I went from being stressed about getting a promotion and not being close to family to asking for what I wanted and getting it. My advice to you? Don’t wait. Ask for what you want. It will open doors that you never imagined.