brandi's story

Brandi Buckman

“Every year since heartspark has been the best yet, and I expect that trend to continue!”

Have you ever been successful, yet still felt there was something missing?

Though successful by external measures, Brandi knew there was something greater she was meant to be doing with her life.

Brandi’s Story

Before heartspark, I was just checking boxes: college degree; good-paying job; promotions; big house in the suburbs and a big SUV. I was a good girl who let society dictate what I should do with my life, my time and my curvy body. I kept my curviness covered, and every time I looked in the mirror I repeated the negative comments I’d grown up hearing about my body.

When I uncovered my success patterns (in Ignite the Spark) it was as if a long-dormant light clicked on. I had a very clear sense of how to apply the truest part of me to the areas of my life that were making me sad. The most important area to start was my lifelong battle with body shame.

Thanks to Relax into Success, I found the courage to launch my Courageous Self Love Campaign. What started as a blog as now become a philosophy for how I live my life – moment by moment, day by day. I am at home in my body and my power, and believe fully in the direction my heart points me.

Every year since heartspark has been the best yet, and I expect that trend to continue!

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