Danielle Richardson

Danielle Richardson

“heartspark offers an entirely new way to think of team-building and leadership development — and it works.”

Do you want to bring out the best in your team?

Even the most compassionate and caring business owner can find it challenging to spend the time and energy necessary to develop a cohesive, trusting team that is focused on maximizing their individual and collective contribution to the organization.

Danielle’s Story

As the owner of a nationally acclaimed hair salon, I manage a team full of colorful creatives. Each stylist is an artist whose passion needs to be discovered and nurtured. Thankfully, heartspark takes care of that.

Through the Ignition series, we’ve discover why we are here – what we are working for. Understanding that inner motivation has resulted in a deeper commitment to be the best at what we do — or, in one case, to choose to do something else — which has resulted in a staff full of people who are happy to be here, loving what they do and bringing their best to it. That’s priceless.

Which is why I continue to sponsor employees at every level of the organization — from my business partner to my apprentice — to experience the Ignition series. Here is just one example of the measurable difference it has made:

One of the toughest business decisions I’ve ever had to make was to lay off a long-term, well-respected, key employee. Thanks to the support she received from her Relax into Success classmates and the shared experience we’ve had though the Ignition series, we were both able to see the positive side of the decision and help her transition into a career she was even more passionate about.

Now we are participating in the Alumni program together, so we can continue to support each other’s professional growth. How many employers have ever done that?

heartspark offers an entirely new way to think of team-building and leadership development — and it works.