Tanya Young Stump

“I could hardly believe that after 10 years out of the paid workforce, at home with my sons, my career trajectory didn’t miss a beat.”

Have you ever undervalued yourself?

After 10 years at home with her children, Tanya assumed her skills were obsolete and that she would have to re-start at the bottom of the ladder.

Tanya’s Story

Ten years ago, I willingly left a promising and fulfilling career to stay at home with my children. It was a significant challenge but a wonderful blessing and opportunity. The temptation was great, during my years at home, amidst diapers and squirt gun fights with two little boys, to forget that I had significant marketable job skills and career potential. When the time came to consider re-entering the job market, I assumed that I would have to re-start at the bottom of the ladder. I didn’t even have a clear picture of what I wanted to do.

At the recommendation of a trusted friend and as a gift from my husband, I took Ignite the Spark. Considering my success patterns and receiving direct and insightful feedback from the enthusiastic class participants about what they saw in me was invaluable in re-igniting my self-awareness and illuminating my dimmed confidence.

Two months after I finished Ignite, I accepted a position as the Executive Director of a local nonprofit working with local child survivors of sex trafficking. Instead of starting at the bottom, as I assumed I would, I jumped back in right where I’d left off. I could hardly believe that after 10 years at home my career trajectory didn’t miss a beat and I was able to make a difference and advocate for such a worthy cause.

Heartspark played a significant role in reminding me of who I am and all I am capable of, while surrounding me with vital relationships with other people who also know who I am when I’m at my best and have the tools and language to remind me when I forget.