Carmen Milashouskas

“I love what I do. As soon as I became clear about my passions … the way that I approach work and life changed. Work/life balance is a lot easier than I thought!”

Do you crave more work/life balance?

At the end of a 2 year-long project, Carmen was exhausted, stressed and had nearly abandoned her personal creative pursuits.

Carmen’s Story

As a busy project manager for PGE, Carmen had completed a very stressful, 2 year-long project. While there was no shortage of success and new opportunities for Carmen, she felt exhausted, restless and discontent. She craved something more – but also needed to hit the ‘pause’ button in order to become more deliberate about work/life balance and the next step in her career path.

In Ignite the Spark she gained clarity about what was most important to her in each of these areas – and began to feel in control, empowered and re-energized. The momentum continued in Relax into Success where she discovered how to bring it all together. She began to seek out what she wanted – including negotiating salaries and positions based on her contributions, skills and leadership capabilities. She proposed and led strategic improvement initiatives that led to a new strategy and governance function that she currently oversees.

Recently, a significant project she led received the Project of the Year award and Carmen was honored as Project Manager of the Year. While this type of energy and drive can easily result in long hours, she has learned how to balance the durations more deliberately so she is able to stay focused and energized – and still find time to play.

Outside the office, Carmen is a fabulous watercolor artist and has woven this creative outlet back into her busy life. During the Ignition Series she “turned pro” with commissioned paintings and a full portfolio. When she and her husband moved into their dream home (another goal identified in the series), they created an art studio for her. Her first painting sold for $1500. Imagine how that propelled her to continue – and to imagine a future of possibility. Most importantly, Carmen continues to get what she wants. She now feels rested and inspired while balancing work and play.