Chyle Edic

“Positive feelings + tangible results = a new man.”

Have you ever felt like you’re doing all the right things, but it’s just not working?

Chyle was at a low point. After 10 years of a strong, positive job history, he had a string of jobs that he hated. The last one ended badly. It was such a blow to his ego that he felt like he would never be successful again.

Chyle’s Story

I had just started a new job, when I came to Ignite the Spark. Since I was at a dead-end, I knew it was time to move in a new direction. But where?

In Ignite, I uncovered the patterns that placed me in successful situations. I was able to see the direction I needed to be going and how I wanted to feel when it was happening. This was the key to my next success story.

Two months after I finished Ignite the Spark, I was offered a terrific new job. The people there value the success patterns I uncovered. They not only allow and encourage me to take action on my new ideas; I get texts and emails of appreciation for being there. What a change!

Now I feel like I’m the commander of my own domain. I’m creating a foundation for future applications and mentoring others to think like I do. That’s exactly what I discovered I wanted to do in Ignite!

P.S. On a related side note, my wife and I also sold our house in 4 days and for $15K over the asking price. Now, I feel unencumbered and a sense of accomplishment which is the emotional goal I set in Ignite. Positive feelings + tangible results = a new man.