Jenae Kaldunski

“A few months ago I could not see past my job at the coffee shop and now I am working as a bridal consultant looking to become a fashion buyer or merchandiser.”

Have you ever felt like there’s something better around the corner, but you simply can’t see it?

After deciding that teaching wasn’t her calling, Jenae knew there was something better for her “out there,” but she didn’t have any idea what it was.

Jenae’s Story

I have a new job! In addition to my part-time job at a coffee shop, I’m now also a part-time bridal consultant. So many things about my new job fit me perfectly – and my success patterns. I am working in fashion and design, side-by-side with women who are fashion buyers and visual merchandisers.

In this environment I have new aspirations and possibilities to move forward in various careers. I am looking to going back to school next year with a focus on design. I have also begun to accomplish so many of the other goals I set for myself in Ignite the Spark around what I want my life to look like! I have adjusted some wants as needed and find myself living a fulfilled life – much closer to one that is true to who I am and my success patterns. I feel like I finally know how to name what I want out of life, go after it, and achieve it. I’m also more self-aware and feel this outburst of joy every time I recognize a success pattern in action in my daily life.

Even how I got this job fits my success patterns! Using my “ability to perform under pressure” and “spontaneity to create beauty from chaos” is how I landed my new job. I was walking past a
bridal store, admiring the window displays and decided to just go in and apply! It just so happened they were hiring and within the next two weeks I was interviewed by the district manager and owner and was offered the position.

It has been a rewarding past few months and I know that heartspark inspired it all. A few months ago I could not see past my job at the coffee shop and now I am working as a bridal consultant looking to become a fashion buyer or merchandiser.

I love my job. I smile all the time. I even was named in a five star review on the bridal shop’s Facebook page after helping a girl (who was only the fourth bride-to-be I had ever helped) find the perfect dress for her wedding. Thanks for bringing the spark back into my life!