Gina Rau

“When I think about where I was and how I felt just a short year ago, it’s amazing to reflect on the progress, mind shifts and success that I’ve experienced. Truly unbelievable and magical!”

Do you want to feel even more successful?

Gina was already successful, yet felt there was something missing and didn’t know how to find it.

Gina’s Story

Going into Ignite the Spark, I felt that I wasn’t performing at my best but I wasn’t sure why, and I certainly didn’t know how to make a shift. In just the four days of Ignite, I not only discovered my success patterns which enabled me to be significantly more successful at work; I was much more satisfied as well. It felt good and it showed!

A fun and unexpected discovery was realizing what I really, truly want from life: to make big impact. This is more than just career aspirations, as I want to have impact in all that I do: in raising children, in my relationships, and in my community.

The course gave me the courage and confidence to take on side projects which grew and developed into my own marketing consulting business. Starting out with multiple clients blew all of my expectations out of the water and I’ve been growing ever since. The Relax into Success class gave me tools that I still use frequently to get unstuck, rally my confidence and make big impact in my clients’ business.

While I’ve been tempted many times with fabulous job offers and tempting corporate positions at companies I’ve long admired, I’ve learned that it truly doesn’t matter what position I’m in as long as I’m making impact.