Photo source: The New York Times

Susan Scharfman

“When I got clear on what I wanted, the momentum was unstoppable.”

Have you ever longed for the path not taken?

Having been a chef for 25 years, Susan saw only obstacles on the road to realizing her dream of becoming a therapist

Susan’s Story

Susan had been a chef at high-end restaurants for 25 years and was ready to find an “encore career” that would bring other facets of herself to her work. She knew it was inside her, but couldn’t quite grasp what “it” was.

While dreaming of becoming a therapist, she hesitated due to the additional schooling involved. With the help of the Ignition series, Susan realized that – with the combination of her success patterns along with the listening skills and intuition she had honed as a chef – not only was she a perfect fit for a career as a therapist, she was already on her way.

Susan applied to a masters in counseling program at PCC and through sheer diligence she worked in social service agencies to acquire licensure and finally landed in private practice which has felt like “coming home.”

Her practice continues to thrive and, not surprisingly, she has worked with many clients in the restaurant industry. As she puts it, “It seems that you bring your history and your self-worth to all that you accomplish.”

Susan, the psychotherapist, was recently featured in a New York Times article about people successfully switching careers in mid-life.