Kristi Lahusen

“I felt nudged to use my success patterns of creativity, leadership and contagious enthusiasm to change communities – and possibly even the world.”

Have you ever felt unstoppable?

Even after experiencing what was once unimaginable success, Kristi isn’t finished.

Kristi’s (ongoing) Story

Some might think that after my original heartspark rags-to-riches story, I would sit back and call it done. I had arrived. But that’s not me.

My story continues . . . it’s now three years later and while I did catapult myself into incredible financial success and lifestyle abundance, that’s not what I’m most proud of. By using my success patterns and “being who I am when I’m at my best,” my sales figures at that same company became a model of financial success yet to be seen in the company’s 7 years of business, which took me a mere 6 months to reach.

At one year, I was the first woman to be promoted into a regional sales director role as a reward for building a new territory from scratch, where none existed before and which became the most successful one in the nation. It wasn’t just about financial growth that mattered to me though.  It was about showing up every day, in my vibrant, optimistic, and caring way.  This is what led to and what I call the art of building sustainable, loyal, and engaged clients, who do business with you for a lifetime.

After two more years, as much as I enjoyed those successes, I resigned! I felt nudged to use my success patterns of creativity, leadership and contagious enthusiasm to change communities – and possibly even the world.

But first, there were a few places that had been calling my name for a visit so there I went… cycling 500 miles through the Canadian Rockies, hiking a beautiful section of the Pacific Coast Trail for 7 days, sitting in awe watching Kodiak bears feeding on salmon in the breath-taking Alaskan Kodiak islands, and trekking the high Andean mountains of Peru.  The gift of these opportunities gave me time to reconnect with me, and to be grateful to family and friends who each in their own way, inspired me towards my continual growth and ongoing successes. We don’t go at this life alone.

The art of self-reflection, journaling, and introspection, took me to Boulder, Colorado where I had spent time as a kid, and discovered that, once again, it felt like home. The ability to hike, cycle and ski literally right outside my door and to connect with a vibrant community of people is just too tempting to resist and now am ecstatic to be moving there to create something even more amazing.

What’s something amazing? The picture is getting clearer every day. I’m imagining a new and even more magnificent lifestyle of friendship, play and contribution. I no longer call what I do to make money a “job.” I realize what I do for a living is my contribution to the world.

I’m excited to share my next success story here soon.