Rae Barela

Photo source: Diana Dettwyler

Rae Barela

“It’s as if there’s a mark on the wall and now I’m standing up tall enough to reach it.”

Do you need permission to dream?

Rae wasn’t happy at work even though she loved her boss and the people she worked with. She had put up a lot of fences and found it difficult to look past them.

Rae’s Story

In Ignite the Spark, I was given permission to dream. I realized I hadn’t explored – or even identified – all the possibilities right in front of me. Up until then, I had been too busy attending to the day-to-day minutiae to look up from the grindstone and take a broader view. After hearing stories from others in my class, I discovered that reality wasn’t unique to me.

So, the first thing I did as a result of Ignite the Spark was to propose a new job description that was more aligned with my success patterns and ask for a raise. Mission accomplished! That was a confidence-building Phase 1.

Phase 2: I put my house on the market and it sold in 2 days for $40k more than I was asking. Amazing how the Universe and God really do respond to our requests. A fun little side note: My house went on the market on Broker Tour day and 70 realtors walked through it with their clients. Around noon, my realtor called and said, “Everyone is asking who staged your house and they want her business card!” That would be ME! Perhaps this is part of Phase 3 😉

Now I’m living in a cute little loft while I put the final touches on Phase 3. I know it will include Flamenco classes, since that has been on my bucket list for some time. After the heartspark Flamenco Adventure, I started taking classes and now I am going to Barcelona for a week in November to study with a native flamenco instructor!

It will be an awesome bridge to a new phase for becoming my new ethnic self, which is another thing I discovered that is important to me. Clearly, Phase 3 is not my last. It’s amazing how much passion and rhythm is bottled up inside of us. It’s as if there’s a mark on the wall and now I’m standing up tall enough to reach it.

And the story continues . . . I moved on to Phase 3: I broke up with my boyfriend of three years and was brave enough to quit my job and move to where I feel most at home. I feel so very light now. My slate is clean and ready for a new adventure! I’m moving to Santa Fe. My amazing boss is paying for me to have a resume make-over session. I plan to parachute into Santa Fe like a ROCK STAR at a Superbowl halftime!