We live in a world where selling is queen, or king depending on your gender bias. The most important “product” we each possess is ourselves. The challenge in convincing the universe of our worth is to first believe in that worth individually. It sounds simple. It is often not. Negative patterns take hold. They inform how we see ourselves as we march out into the world with a distorted idea of what we truly possess.  Our power is dimmed before we pass the threshold of the front door.

To counter this, start a list of achievements. Scan your resume and note the academic and professional achievements. Go beyond these. Think about the things that challenge us all: flossing regularly, eating more vegetables or cleaning the bathroom. Dig even deeper. Think about your character, how you treat others, what you want for the world. Think about your accomplishments that took discipline and courage. That time you were honest with your friend about something that may have jeopardized the friendship, how it ended up confirming and strengthening it. How about that time in college when you volunteered at the crisis line?  Scan your history for those accomplishments that made a quiet difference to your life and the lives of others. This is the substance of character and truth collected there on that sheet of paper in front of you. Add to the list. Reread it. See it as a gentle reminder to who you really are and how you think and feel about yourself. Take that person out into the world and show them what you have to offer.