The Boomerang Theory

Isn’t life interesting how it brings people, situations and energy to us at just the right moments? That refund check hits the mailbox between paydays; a friend asks the one question needing asking at that right time, or maybe a compliment from a stranger shores up our reserves when we’re running on empty. It could be luck, serendipity or a random universe bouncing around like a pinball machine. Another perspective may offer a more positive understanding. When we maintain an open and giving outlook on the world, it sometimes calls back to us in useful ways. If we pay close enough attention, we might call it karma. The Dalai Lama said it best:

“Pleasure and pain come from your own past actions. So it is easy to define karma in one short sentence: Act well and things go well; act wrongly and things will go wrong.”

Can life and happiness boil down to a simple aphorism? Is there some control we exert on the world around us? It may have more to do with how we respond to what happens in life than anything else. Our measure of control is real when we control how we respond to circumstances.  A positive response produces positive results and increased happiness over the long term. Try it out.  Thoughtfully override your conditioned response. Take enough time to breathe, consider other options, and then choose the one offering the most likely positive outcome. It works and it can work for you.